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Perfect bookish gifts for your mom!

Perfect bookish gifts for your mom!

Perfect bookish gifts for your mom!

China Witness: Voices from a Silent Generation 

The true story of China told by their silent anhabitants. Already author of “The Good Women of China“(2011), Xinan gives voice to the common people, to the “silent geneeration” that attended, during their existence, to the great transformation of China from a agricultural country to a modern state. The author has travelled through the country, collecting the direct witnesses of old people, listening to their stories, their fights, their fears, and their dreams.
China Witness: Voices from a silent generation” is all of this and a lot more.

Perfect for: Mothers who dreams to travel East. 

Mindless Eating: Why we eat more than we think

Do you know what’s in your dish? This is a bestellers in the United States.

Thanks to the surprising revelations of Brian Wansink, Nutritional Sciences and consumer Behavior professor, you’ll find out a lot of little tricks to eat better and in a more conscious way, in order to radically change your relationship with food and lose weight without even being aware of it.

Perfect for: Mothers that love healthy cooking. 

Vengeful Wives, Anna-Lou Weatherley 
Credits: Newton Compton
English Bestseller, it is a sort of  “Desperate Housewifes ” but set in Chelsea. Anna-Lous Weatherley with “Vengeful Wives” gives you a lively novel with a spontaneous subtext: Never understimate a woman’s anger.
Between dinners watered with champagne and unbridled shopping sessions, three friends find out that there are some things money can’t buy or repay, and they decide that it’s time to join the forces and take revenge of their despotic men.

Perfect for: Women that think revenge is better than champagne. 




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