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Hot Toy Trends 2017

Hot Toy Trends 2017

Hot Toy Trends 2017

Love them or hate them, there are always fads, trends and crazes going on in the world of toys and if you’ve got a child then you’ll have been sure to have fallen prey to them at least a few times. They can also heavily influence a child’s wish-list when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, so it is always a good idea to try to stay up to date with them. You’ll find that children in the age range of about 8 to 12 are particularly susceptible to these trends (remember at that age your friends are your universe!) thanks to their schoolmates. To help you stay up-to-date with the biggest toy trends of this year, here are just of the crazes that you should be looking out for.

They might be the bane of teacher’s lives and the scourge of classrooms everywhere, but fidget spinners are the fad that has swept the nation this spring and shows no signs of going anywhere this summer. They might irritate teachers (if your school has a ban, make sure your kid isn’t sneaking theirs in their backpack), but there a good few points in a fidget spinner’s favour. Namely that they for once aren’t an addictive video game that’ll have your child shunning the outdoors even on the sunniest of days, they can fit easily in a pocket, are robust, and even better, you can pick one up for just a few pounds. Yes that’s right; this is one of the cheapest fads out there and is a bit reminiscent of the yo-yo craze that was huge in the late 1990s. With loads of different colours to choose from and light-up ones too, treat them to a trendy toy that doesn’t cost the earth.

While the huge mania for Nintendo’s mobile game Pokémon Go may have settled a bit, the craze for anything Pokémon in general is raging long and hard, especially when it comes to their cards. This is a throw-back to the late 90s when Pokémon first reached our snores from Japan, and is hugely popular at the moment, with Pokémon cards being on sale everywhere from newsagents to supermarkets to bookshops and of course toy shops. While we all heralded the arrival to Pokémon Go thanks to the fact that it got kids everywhere outside and moving, it is refreshing to see another trend that gets them playing with real physical toys. Pokémon cards have a tendency to be a bit pricy, so for the best deals head online to the toy shops. For an even better deal head to Smyths and check out a Smyths discount code first to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

And finally for a trend that looks set to be around for ever and ever, we have the Lego Star Wars range which is absolutely massive. Lego has always been a popular game with both boys and girls, and what with the new films the Star Wars franchise has enraptured a whole new generation, so make your kid’s day with a fantastic Star Wars set. There is a big of choice in the collection, and a good selection to suit any budget, so get out there and check it out!


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