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7 Books you’ll love to give to your friends!

7 Books you’ll love to give to your friends!

7 Books you’ll love to give to your friends!

Unrequited loves, romantic women in love with charming but perverse men, and then fashion, wealth, the always-on shining lights of New York. But above all a lot (actually A LOT) of sex. “Bared to you” by Sylvia Day had a great success among the American, Canadian and European readers. The modern and less-comformists women will certainly like it. And it’s just the beginning: “Bared to you” is the first chapter of a new, incredible series.

These last years have been dominated by the “Fufty shades” series. The novels of E. L. James have been on the top of all of the rankings in Europe and America, harnessing all competition and erasing the historical records of Harry Potter . If you have a cheeky friend with hot tastes that didn’t read this book already, than this is the perfect gift, you can buy the edition that includes the complete series with all three novels.

“One day” by David Nicholls is perfect for people who love to love and to dream and long complicated relationships (*rise her hand*), the story of the trubled friendship of Emma and Dexter and how their lives grow in different directions even if they still feel connected by that one day (15th of July, the day of St.Swithin), their day, the day everything changes. You won’t regret buying this book.


Also by David Nicholls is “Us”, the latest novel of this author. “Us” is perfect for people who love travelling and impossible missions. You’re gonna love the main character and his awkward attitude with love and his family, and you’re gonna follow his impossible quest to save the life he loved to have with passion and a bit of melancholy.


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